Meet Our New Direct Marketing Partner

REIPrintMail is “the” premier Direct Marketing company for real estate investors. For almost 30 years they have continued to innovate unlike any other company in the REI industry. They’ve helped thousands of investors transform their businesses, and they are ready to do the same for you.

What they offer:

  • Complementary Professional Marketing Consulting/Coaches. They’ll give you market specific advice and recommendations to help you GET THE DEAL(s).
  • Professionally Built Lists sourced from the nation’s top data providers and we’re proud to be one of their sources and partners.
  • Innovative Mailer Designs with Exclusive Technologies to enhance response-rate and ROI.
  • On-going campaign management and personalized coaching.

Want To Know What is Happening in Your Market?

Work with our expert coaches to find more deals in any market in the US.

Why REIPrintMail?

Our company is uniquely focused on simplifying lead generation for our clients so they can spend more time closing deals and less time researching effective marketing. Unlike our competitors...we are more than just mail.

Generates "Inbound" Leads

Unlike other forms of marketing such as cold-calling, door knocking, or text-blasting, direct mail results in motivated prospects calling you about your offer that they saw and are interested in.

Easy to "Scale-Up"

Once you understand the variables within your market, there is a simple path to scale-up your marketing and ultimately your revenue and/or quantity of deals.

Predictable & Effective

What separates direct mail from other marketing channels available to investors is the sustainable long-term track record of success within our industry.

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